Where is the eye of the storm?

My shrink asked me that yesterday.  We are focused on pushing past the trauma of my childhood and onto a future of my own, not of someone’s else’s makings.  The problem is, as she puts it, “There’s a lot going on in there.”

Lovely.  but I’m determined.  I’m taking my life back, dammit.  Her question to me was a dangerous one.  More, it was a question I didn’t know the answer to.  She asked me, “Where’s the eyes of the storm?”

The storm is the one in my mind, the hurricane of emotional trauma I survived.  (Which I’m now putting into my books.  Look for Jenna’s parents in “Balance” and Jago’s father in “Edge.”)  I don’t know the answer to her question.  Not yet.  But until then, I’m reminded of a quote.


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