Always amazing; always repellent

So, I followed the hot Constantine actor to a show called Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior.  I like mysteries/crime fiction (TV).  Way more entertaining than reality TV or crud like anything Kardashian.  Safer for the brain cells as well.  (BTW, renew Constantine!)

I tuned in the show and as is normal for my crappy life luck, the drama on the screen is about childhood abduction.  So, of course I tune in on my memories and my experience of an abducted second grader.  Not fun memories.  So, the character abducted his daughter because he “loved her.”   The result?  She hated him.  The result of that?  Her murder.

Right.  I know this story.  I’ve lived it, except for the death of my body.  (Just the murder of my mind and my future.)  Yeah, and my abuser’s commentary on that?  Her response has always been:  “You said you missed me.  You said you wanted to be with me.”

Uhh, I was in second grade.  Heeellloooo!

And even if I was older, it’s not okay to abduct a child from their legal guardian, and ESPECIALLY not to deliver her into the hands of a sexual predator fixated on underage girls.

Right.  Her statement: “You said you missed me.  You said you wanted to be with me.”

Blaming the victim.  Always the response of a sociopath.


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