So, here I am plugging away at my newest short story–a follow up to this January’s Arrival–and once again, my traumatic childhood is folded into the internal conflict of my Garrett.

I’m a past winner of the Triple Crown of childhood abuses: psychological, physical, and sexual.  I guess that’s a crown I’ll wear for all of my life.  It’s my theme of my writing, apparently.

Jeez, thanks Mom.

On the upside, all that makes for some fantasticly horrible antagonists.  My Michelle Robbins books tell my story in pieces.  My B. Thatcher books, “Catching Her Balance” and the upcoming ones, however, spotlight the situation in all its ugliness.

Meet my mother in the character of “Papa” and his histrionic, enabling wife.

I hope my readers find them repellent and sickening because that’s my view of That Person. Thankfully, she’s out of my life.  Now if I could just get the memories out of my life…


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