Triggered again

Once again, I’m watching an episode of Arrow, my PTSD was nudged by the action on the screen.  Not triggered, thank God, but it was nudged.  Arrow seems to be able and willing to tap into the darkness of people while still giving us the hope to overcome.  Congrats for that, writers!  W00T!!

Yesterday, it was this:  “I am the daughter of a demon” and that happiness was not for her. Indeed, Nyssa’s life has been destroyed for her father’s agenda, the love of her life sent from her (dead, in the story), to live in fear of this parental evil and the despair of knowing there is nothing she can do to ever get free of that evil, and now (SPOILER ALERT!!) Nyssa is required to put her mind, soul, and body to a person of her father’s choice–yes, sexually–in order to support that evil parental agenda.

Yeah, welcome to my life.  Happy effing Mother’s Day, Ghoul.


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