New Title on my Michelle Robbins line


* Part of my URILQII series as well as Amber Quill’sINTOXICATING FANTASIES.  (It’s a drink.  Get it?)

(Part of the Urilqii series)

Dylan is a Urilqii soldier, sworn to destroy the Targolt on sight and assigned to do so on the planet called Earth. He is leader of a tank squadron that’s busy testing their equipment in the southern Nevada desert outside of Pahrump. He should feel content, maybe eager for the lmed_IF_ScreamingOrgasmooming conflict, but Dylan is feeling unsettled instead. What bothers him? He’s lonely. Not just any kind of lonely, but anxious for the exquisite beauty of a bonded partner. His wishes for his soul mate to fly into the starry darkness.

While deciding what to do next, Dylan is lured to a bar oddly named Dylan’s Intoxicating Fantasy. Unable to curb his curiosity, he enters the establishment and drinks the Screaming Orgasm cocktail the bartender named Solomon puts in front of him. Shortly afterward, he meets a man named Garrett who could very well alleviate his perpetual loneliness.

Garrett had landed on the bar’s back porch three months earlier. When Solomon had offered him a meal, a room, and a job, he hadn’t hesitated. The bartender also promised the answer to all of Garrett’s desperate wishes for love. But little did Garrett know the answer to his dreams would arrive in the form of a sexy Urilqii alien…


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