What? No.

So, a privileged Special Snowflake gets –> CAUGHT <– licking doughnuts set out for public purchase.  Yes, that’s right.  She licked the doughnuts without purchasing them, probably with the idea that –> HO HO HO!! <– some unexpecting consumer would come behind her, purchase the spit-defiled treats, and consume them.

You heard right.  Unwittingly eat the doughnuts that she licked.

I gagged at the thought but not as bad as when I followed  to twitter and read all the “supportive” posts.  “She’s only human” and “you’ll always be our moonlight” and “we forgive you.  It was just a youthful mistake.”

Here’s the chick’s words:  

Two moments of reality come to my mind.

1.  She’s only horrified that she got –> CAUGHT <–  (Go ahead.  Read the articles.  She flat-out says it.)

2.  She’s a dumba** and guess what?  Dumba**es get scorned.  (And hopefully learn their lesson.

My input?  “Listen doughnut dingbat, you’re NOT forgiven.  You’re past your seventeenth birthday.  It’s time to grow up.”

Cruel?  Perhaps, but there it is.


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