Those things that we do…

So, many folks know that I’m graduating with my MFA in January–YAY me!!–and they also know that my textbooks are/have been novels (and movies and TV shows) of Popular Fiction.  What does that mean?  Well, there are moments of profound contemplation and there are also moments like this:

FellowStudentDan:  “Resting Windowless-White-Van-Owner Face… Can we get some BuzzFeed quizes about this?”

FellowStudentVictor:  “Hey kid, do you think you could show me where the freeway is?”


Me:  “(quoting Victor) “The idea of an Angela Lansbury-type (minus the body-count she racked up on ‘Murder, She Wrote’)…”

Then I said:  “Totally yes.  She was/is the Angel of Death.  See her coming on that bike of hers and RUUUUN!!!  Somebody’s gonna DIIIIIEEEE!!”

FellowStudentVictor:  “Seriously. If there was a common element in those cases, it was her. She brought the angel of death in that basket full of fresh produce on her handlebars….”


Victor for the WIN!!!!!!


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