Thanksgiving is for families

…yet I am alone again on Thanksgiving.  Why?  Because I will not surrender to the sociopath who dominates one side of my family, and because the other side of my family is…always absent, for some reason.

Maybe it’s me?  I ask for help and those people often say “no.”  The other?  I’d rather be alone on the holidays, and wearing the label of the Devil’s Handmaiden who torments their Pure and Perfect Saint, than to be on my knees, bloodied as they are.

Like Lucifer said: “It’s better to rule in Hell than to serve in Heaven.”

I hope your holiday season is warm and loving and, please, never forget that a loving family is a gift from God.  Not all of us have one.

For those of us who do not, don’t give up. Remember:

Everybody hurts so, no, you’re not alone


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