Wow.  Happy Holidays, everyone.

Did you hear the sarcasm? Yeah, I was totally sarcastic.  Why?  Well, let me explain…

One of this semester’s assigned books was so crushingly bad that I went out onto a closed Facebook group and said: “ALERT FOR ASPIRING AUTHORS! This publisher has a clear need for new voices.”

I mean, if an adult-audience book displays juvenile narrative, has a holy suspense plot, and is touted to be a Romance, although the romantic element is about as believable as the belief that my left toenail is falling in love with my right, then there is a problem.

Let’s be real, folks. Crap doesn’t come onto the shelves unless the publisher is having difficulties fulfilling their publishing commitments. (No, I won’t name-and-shame here, but the book is reviewed on my review website.) (Okay: Here)  The opinion is not just mine, it was universally panned by the entire class.

Anyway, the HIVE  attacked me en masse. Arguments:

  • Some: “How UNPROFESSIONAL!!” Me: “A closed Facebook chatter group is an embodiment of a professional venue?”
  • Some: “You HATE the GENRE!!” Me: “I write and review Romance. It’s my beloved genre so, yeah, I get to have a say.”
  • Some: “Inspirational Romances are KILLED by even their reviewers!” Me: “Don’t read your reviews. You’ll thank me later.”
  • Some: “How can you say that it’s EASY or that ANYONE CAN DO IT?” Me: “This is a group of authors. Writing books is what we do. More, Inspi Romance is just another genre, one with an already determined blueprint. If we authors can’t produce within an already detailed blueprint, then there’s something very wrong in this program.”

I continue to urge that what I posted was an opportunity.  Why the push-back for mentioning an OPPORTUNITY? What was really going on there? The idea that I’ve unfairly opened the gates to the masses, unwashed or otherwise? HERESY!

Then the attacks regarding my qualification as an author, which resulted in me educating some that I’m both published and accepted in three—count ‘em, THREE—different sub-genre, so they’ll have to forgive me if I’m not intimidated by the idea of producing in yet another one.  “Don’t hate the players; hate the game.”

My favorite of the blowback was:  “You ATTACK other writers?! Good luck with YOUR career!”

My career is fine, thank you, and just where does the opinion of other authors reflect upon my profit line?  Seriously, what’s the deal? I offered an opportunity as well as delivered a submission address for interested aspiring authors. HERESY!!

Once Special Snowflake said: “Let’s see YOU write an Inspirational Romance, and see how well THAT sells!!!””

After weeks of fuming and snapping over the idiocy—wolf that I am—I had only one response to that particular Snowflake: CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.

Mean? Don’t be silly.  Ferengi Rules of Acquisition #21 – “Never place friendship above profit.”

The wolf inside the henhouse only benefits the wolf. Those who are not willing to chance and try, sucks to be them. Sorry if that tenderizes any feelings but I’m no Bliss Ninny.

Ferengi Rules of Acquisition #9 – “Opportunity plus instinct equals profit.”


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