Seriously, THE BEST!

Ahh, my beloved X-Files has returned. Writer Darin Morgan proves that, once again, he’s THE TOP OF THE SCREENPLAY FOOD CHAIN.  I adored the experience, and laughed my way through the socio-political lampshading.  HILARIOUS!

The transgender hooker with a mean-right hook; the “lost puppy” who is found by Scully, “he reminds me of Queegueg”; the monster in the port-a-potty, more than a whiff of the The Host episode; Mulder in prime sardonic form saying, “when one checks into an establishment such as this, one expects a peeping tom.” The, the absolute BEST PART: Guy Mann–what a genius bit of hilarity that is!–going off on “how it all happened” and, to Mulder’s surprise, Guy Mann is the victim!

Bitten by a human and–WHAT?!–now he is the victim of transformation!!  Man, what a plot twist! Worse, though. HE’S LOST HIS BELOVED PUPPY!!

Mr. Mann may be a monst–I mean, a creature–but he’s simply misunderstood and going through a very stressful time in his life.  Man, classic POV shift that obliterates all expectations of the characters and the story.

I’m so hooked.  Welcome back Mulder, Scully and Darin Morgan. You’re THE BEST!


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